Cornerstone Real Estate Organization
Property Owner's Representative Services

Create Value in any Market Condition...
A so-called "depressed" real estate market presents many opportunities for the
savvy real estate professional with the proper resources who understands how to
operate in any market condition.

Manage Property Proactively, not Reactively...
Sound property management planning will keep your property's cash flow stable,
market value maximized, and risk minimized.  Quick, effective solutions to
spontaneous management problems is key to fixing and avoiding many pitfalls
that can quickly destroy property value.

Stay within Schedule and within Budget...
Set realistic schedules and budgets and stick to them.  Sometimes, it is a matter of
planning well or it is a matter of quick problem resolution.  Either way, you will be
able to keep your project on track.

Know your ROI BEFORE you buy..
Thorough Due-Diligence before purchase sets that stage for meeting and
exceeding expected ROI.

Create Sound Exit Strategies...
One of the most important parts of any project plan is the exit strategy put in place
prior to entering into the project.  Gain the security and protection from sound,
flexible exit strategies.

Solve complex problems Quickly...
Utilize extensive resources to resolve even the most complex real estate issues.

Have 24x7 Expert Support and Guidance...
Being in business for yourself does not mean being by yourself.  Have all the
resources you need to be successful just a phone call away, anywhere, anytime.

Build and Maintain a Stream of New
You have established a truly great business when you don't have to go looking for
the next opportunity, but when the opportunities come looking for  you!

Our Mission :

We will provide
experienced, cost-effective, and diligent
representation to property owners
all phases of investment real estate ownership.

We are 100% dedicated to those that depend on us for
Information, Solutions, and Value.

We will prove our value to our clients by
resolving current issues no matter how difficult,  
adding measurable value to investment real estate,
creating new opportunity,
and ensuring that risk is minimized.

We will integrate our "win/win" philosophy
into all areas of business negotiations.

We will build long term relationships
that will serve as the foundation for
creating new opportunities for
successful investment real estate ownership.