Sharing the industry and functional knowledge that we've gained from
hands-on experience, is  a key benefit to our clients who face the many
challenges that come with investment real estate ownership.  A
continuum of critical areas that we've enjoyed applying successful
strategies are:

Choosing the Right Type of Investment Property
Uncovering That Diamond in the Rough
Negotiating Win/Win Contracts
Performing Thorough Due Diligence
Identifying and Minimizing Risk
Developing Best and Highest Use Strategies
Choosing and Structuring Ownership Entities   
Closing on Time and Stress Free
Setting up  Property Management Systems and Support
Expediting Development, Redevelopment Approvals
Keeping Construction On Schedule and On Budget
Proactively Maximizing Income and Minimizing Expenses
Identifying and Reducing Risk Factors
Positioning and Repositioning Property in Different Markets
Creating and Maintaining Property Value Even in a Down Market
Networking with Real Estate Professionals
Marketing and Selling Investment Property Effectively

Although the list above indicates broad areas of expertise,  we believe
that every situation has unique considerations that must be carefully
analyzed and understood before moving to a solution.  We've found
that paying attention to the small details right from the onset will
ultimately ensure a successful outcome.
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